Our partners

Our partners

Partners-EntrePro Services. IT Consulting, Engineering – We know what we can do and when we need to bring a partner in to best meet your need. Providing professional services to our clients. Focusing primarily in Technology Project and Product Delivery. We work closely with leading global centres. As well as Executive Development and Coaching firms which are leaders in their practice. As one of our greatest assets, they bring with them international experience and specialised skills that complement our suite of solutions Our associates prioritize effective learning, team-building and conflict resolution in the service of intercultural needs. They also help in providing expert counseling to our clients.

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Working with EntrePro Services, and Mike in particular, has been like having an IT Champion in our corner. Hands-on skills to help us out when we’re in a jam, and business know-how to keep our company on a good path for the future, are two of the biggest ways Mike has been a necessity for us.

John Henderson
Systems Admin, O'Connor Auto Park

Strong partnerships allow EntrePro Services to provide you the highest quality service