Company overview-strategic planning

Company overview-strategic planning- EntrePro Services IT consulting, Engineering, and also strategic planning.

Company overview

EntrePro Services is build upon a foundation of teamwork and respect. Therefore we truly place ourselves in our clients’ shoes to gain a full understanding of their technological and business needs.

Furthermore working closely with clients we are able to create an environment that goes above and beyond standard consulting.  Not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them, is our focus.

In conclusion putting technology to work for you is our specialty. And also EntrePro Services can handle any IT needs your company has.

Our mission

To exceed our clients’ needs in every possible arena. So doing this is achieved by:

  • First of all understanding our clients
  • Working closely to gain a full understanding of client needs
  • Also applying decades of real world experience
  • Furthermore fostering a productive environment through teamwork
  • And also drafting quality plans to maximize value
  • Finally Working through each project in it’s entirety

We Work With You

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

Working with EntrePro Services, and Mike in particular, has been like having an IT Champion in our corner. Hands-on skills to help us out when we’re in a jam, and business know-how to keep our company on a good path for the future, are two of the biggest ways Mike has been a necessity for us.

John Henderson
Systems Admin, O'Connor Auto Park

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